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The Web Design Studio started with the aim of providing SME with affordable channels for marketing. Many companies with good products and services do not know how to reach out to a wider group of customers. Marketing in Singapore can be very costly because people commonly use traditional, expensive and ineffective methods. Only the markets big players can spend a huge amount of resources on marketing and have the biggest market share on their own. The smaller companies or SMEs do not have enough resource to compete with the big players hence will lose out slowly and leave the market even though they might have excellent products and services.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

After gathering all the feedbacks and reviews from different companies, The Web Design Studio finally found a solution to solve SMEs greatest problem. We are dedicated to finding out the root of the problem and understanding the business model of a company first then devising both short-term plans to gather new customers and long-term plans to retain existing customers in the company. We also strongly believe that marketing should be both interesting and affordable to the SMEs. Expensive marketing may not be good, but good marketing may not be expensive. We gather ideas from different countries and industries and implement ones that suit your company closely. With our experience and success, we can model them for the company that allows you to achieve the same or even greater success.

Our Awesome Team

Kenny Lee

Kenny Lee

Founder & CEO

Jennifer Choi

Jennifer Choi

Director of Design

Sonia Aw

Sonia Aw

Analytics Expert

Ken Lim

Ken Lim

Head of Sales

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